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Lesson Plan No.3 "My Hero."

Show the opening clip from the Incredibles or similar superhero movie.

Talk about the popularity of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Yoh, Harry Potter &7 Marvel/DC fascination with heroes. Ask students to think of what were their heroes when they were children.

Brainstorm about what are the characteristics of a hero. The second DVD of the Incredibles has a wonderful 'dossier file database' that outlines in detail all the 'supers' and it is worth looking through that to get ideas for what to include in your Hero. If you don't have time right now here are some ideas off the top of my head below to include:


Origins/Background-how did they get their powers?
Description of powers, their strengths & limitations
Professional Affiliations

Physical Description (a sketch or picture would be great)

I made a one-page handout that looks like a dossier file. You can distribute your handout with simple manila folders with a blank label on the tab.

I welcome ideas about this lesson to make it better.
How would incorporate 'communicative activities' for this?

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