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South Korean Government Declaration: To Be the #1 English-Speaking Asian Nation in the next 10 Years

Korea Times staff writer Hyun-Kyung Kang wrote that
The new government plans to spend approximately 4 trillion won (about $4.2 billion) over the next five years...

Chairwoman Lee Kyung-Sook made this public proclamation on Wednesday, January 30th.

Here's the article.

Here's another article, by Yon-Se Kim, giving a little bit more info.

After reading other news sources about this I have come to the conclusion that things are still in flux. Case in point, below is a bulleted list of details of the proposed plan. The Korea times has now pulled this information off their website.

To introduce a TEE (Teaching English in English) system.
-To outsource 23,000 teachers
-To increase English-Speaking Class hours from 1 or 2 to 3 hours per week.
-To reduce English Class sizes in secondary schools from 35 to 23 students.
-To select Assistant English Teachers from among housewives and Overseas Koreans.
-To introduce an English Proficiency Test to replace the current English Test.
-To establish English libraries for children.

This is a BOLD "to-do" list to say the least.