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A Triangle, it's true!

I had an epiphany today.
I was watching Sesame Street this morning and saw that James Blunt of "You're Beautiful!" fame adapted his world famous pop hit to sing about a familiar polygon.

No, this was not the source of this epiphany. It came from what I did afterwards.

I did a search on YouTube and with the second entry there it was!
I was then able to use a MyTube widget on my Mac to save it to my iTunes library.

Now I have an archived version to use for lessons.

I have had colleagues complain that they would love to use YouTube more often but they can't rely on its ephemeral nature-it might be gone when they need it most.

I was able to capture something that could be used in a future lesson all in 2 steps.

Like the old days when we would just quickly jam a tape in the VCR...