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Adobe 'Buzzword' is more like 'PauseWord'

I have been very interested in the development of online content creation software.
There are situations for teachers to create docs, websites, presentations using only an online product. Additionally, the power to share and collaborate online across borders is extremely productive, time and cost efficient.

If it worked.

There are some big players: Wordpress, NeoOffice and Google Docs to name a few. Adobe, the creators of Flash and other promising technologies has joined in with Buzzword. For now, it is a simple word processor. It looks beautiful. The set up was as easy as setting up a Gmail account. This product seemed to be a great solution to the need for online document creation and collaboration.

If it didn't frustrate you.

I tried to create a simple list that was to be shared with 2 of my colleagues. Unfortunately, I could not type accurately. There is a key-lag that became maddening with every correction and correction of the correction.

I have a very very fast internet connection and less than a year old computer so therein does not lie the problem.

If this is the experience others have with it then it is unusable. I welcome anyone to try it for yourself to see if you have the same key-lag issue.

I want it to work please believe me but I will not be using it.