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Twitter Experiment No.1

In teaching English, we are always trying to encourage English production from our students.

You are all familiar with the 'blank stares'.

In this experiment I want to know if Twitter can jumpstart conversation.
Of course it's Twitter, so it's not face-to-face conversation, right?
But it's not just another SMS/messaging service. It has a unique social component that fills a gap between email/IM/SMS/phone calls/and blogs.

Tibi Puiu (Lost Art of Blogging)has a great article introducing Twitter.

Twitter can be found here.

I am asking my students to tweet, follow and be followed by each other for the program. I will watch the tweets and see what, if any, English comes of it.

Give me 30 days to update you all.

Oh, by the way, my twitter is lorewarden OR you can see my real-time updates on the right-hand part of the blog.