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Twitter 411

Twitter is a way to connect yourself to a community of your choice. You decide how big, small, private or open this community is.

Twitter has two modes:
1. Passive/Reading (following)
2. Active/Writing (being followed)

You pick different people that tweet useful and interesting information for you and you 'follow' them. Throughout the day, you get updates on these people you follow.
I follow CNN breaking news, Andy Ihnatko (a tech guru) and others that I wish to learn from.

being Followed

1. You can write a message on twitter to the people who are 'following' you by writing a personal update on what you are doing right now:
EX. I just missed the bus and now I have to wait an hour! Irvine buses are terrible!

2. You can write an announcement about an event.
EX. This Friday we will still have the picnic even if it rains. Bring umbrellas and good attitudes!

3. You can write a rhetorical question or thought that is interesting and important to you.
EX. I have heard: "When a school door opens, a prison door shuts." but the opposite is true sometimes as well.

4. You can ask a question to your followers.
EX. I am planning to go to San Diego this weekend and need to know if anyone has any good advice for restaurants and what to do. Thanks!

And they can answer you back using 2 ways: @replies or 'direct-messages'

@ Replies (called 'Mentions') are tweets directed to one person but are public to all the people who are following you.

Direct Messages (called DMs) are tweets that are private. They function exactly like an email. Only the recipient of a DM will see the tweet.

There is more you can do with Twitter. Part 2 is coming.