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TESOL Conference Food People!

The Boston Restaurant Week and TESOL Boston coincide this year. Get discounted menu choices from some of Boston's great resaurant venues.

I am not a big conference food eater. Hunger, coupled with the sad reality of my poor map/echo location abilities usually finds me at a Mc Donalds or other similarly desparate venue. I guess I would like to say I am a frugal guy when it comes to travel.

On a related note, I often use cooking analogies in my teacher- training lectures-ingredients, patience, managing many pots on the stove at one time- you get the idea. Well now, I might try one of these venues just to say I am still willing to take a risk about stuff that I care about. Ok.

The timing for this is not exactly a coincidence; it is still in the thirties at night with highs during the day in the 40s. Not exactly "let's go out to eat tonight!" weather.

Link here: Boston Restaurant Week 2010 - The Insider's Guide to Boston Restaurant Week

Bon Appetite!


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