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They Are Kinda Not Thinking

So there's a 4-hour iPad lending program at NC State.

This fails in two areas. 

A four-hour 'lending" time block is not a normal university student use case. Who reads, studies for four hours straight? This program does not take advantage of the potential upbiquitous use of the device. Four hours is an arbitrary and unrealistic use case. This creates an artificial expectation that learning will occur in that time frame.

What's the thesis? What criteria do they have to judge the success or failure of such a program? What are the controls? Were there books lended out for four hours as well to other subjects? Will this data be compared? What were the original reasons to do this? What were the research questions (that require thinking) this school hoped to find out through this program? 

An iPad needs to be looked at as an integrated device. Something that's in a backpack. Something to be pulled out for a need or purpose. This use needs to be noted and compared to the older use case that the iPad is supposed to replace. Something that is handed out for longer than four hours.

Why are they handing them out? Just go to an Apple store and hang out for 4 hours-for free.

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