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Consumption, Production & Participation: Thoughts on Interest-driven Learning

This is an artful description (thanks DML Center) of the case for using digital media and learner-based approaches in schools - It's a 5:13 min video

John Martin (homepage) has written up a summary of Diana Rhoten's video.

Diana Rhoten, of Startl, speaks of the need to cater to the learning demands of the current generation of learners who, she argues, are following "Interest-driven Learning" — achievable now, and driven by the creation of an unprecedented technical infrastructure. Kids now prefer to follow a learning path of consumption, production, and participation. It starts by finding their interest and coaching them through their development of it. Although Rhoten focuses on younger kids than we find in higher education, much of what she says applies to the demographics that we serve. Indeed, higher education (and programs such as UW-Madison's Digital Media Assignments) may be a grand testing ground for this, due to our demographic of already "plugged-in" students — an exceptionally large population of tech owners/users compared to the under-12 set that Rhoten works with.


It's a beautiful video. Watch it and let me know if you think it makes sense.


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