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A Day In the Life of...

Our topics were on what we did today. Both of you shared what you did. Below is a summary of what you did.

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I don't have any daily rhythms.

At 5am I feed and play with my baby.

At 10 am I do the same.

I left for the dentist to get my stitches removed.

It was terrible.


Seung-Joo "Sales manager" for SK Telecom


I took my sister to the dentist's office.

I got my stitches removed.

I waited for her.

We go some lunch.

8 months from now.

We went home.

I cleaned the kitchen.

Ate a snack.

I surfed the internet.

I looked at some web comics.

Listened to some R/B music.

Other Vocabulary/Phrases


Because of my childhood experiences....

Take medicine

It was terrible.


Survival English


open office hours

art academy

computer graphics




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