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Prezi Meeting

Rob Newberry, Director of Education Technology at CIS Singapore shows how his students use Prezi Meeting.

Prezi is nothing new for Rob: as a teacher he finds it ultimately engaging – the way information is laid out makes it so much more accessible. Similarly, the fact that it is collaborative, can incorporate multimedia, and lends itself nicely for embedding in student’s ePortfolios make it a very powerful tool for organization, presentation and displaying learning.

The word that I have trouble with is 'accessible'. Prezi as a expository tool is very compelling. I have used it in this way for orientations to teacher-training programs. The 'wow factor' is great to scrape away the barnacles from jet-lagged-travel-weary international students' eyes. I wonder though if this strength is a weakness for collaboration. The key for collaboration is meaning transference. Sharing Prezi drafts seems to have more friction. Prezi to me would be the tool to show the finished product.