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Roadmaps to Expected Behavior

Good Sportsmanship
1. Following directions
Doing exactly what was asked
Starting it within 5 seconds
Doing what was asked with no reminders

2. Following the rules
Keep hands to self
Ask permission before touching something
Follow the rules of the game
Follow the rules of the parent/adult in charge
Follow the rules of the area (house rules, school rules, park rules)

3. Nice sayings (cheering or complimenting others)
Saying something nice (good job, nice throw, that's an awesome picture, etc)
Doing something nice for someone
Non-verbal nice saying (thumbs up, high five)
Wish someone good luck

4. Helping (doing something nice for someone else)
Carry equipment for someone
Helping someone up who has fallen
Passing out paper for the teacher

5. Sharing( allowing someone else to have a chance to do what you are doing)
Taking turns in a game
Allowing others to join a game
Allowing siblings/friends to play with his or her toys

6. Participation (staying on task and trying hard to make the game fun-give your best effort)
Running your fastest in a game
Doing your neatest work
Sticking with a game until the end