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Is There an Ideal Personality Type for Teaching?


In the article: Teaching is Mobility...and Mirth, Renshaw compared his own style of teaching with a respected colleague of his in light of student evaluations. He found that he shared three positive things in common with his colleague [numbers added by me]: 1. Strong awareness of their subject matter 2. The ability to adapt and explain things in different ways for different learners
3. A good sense of humour
This leads us to a wonderful notion that there is no 'ideal' personality attuned to teaching. I have often thought this true and have shared this idea in my introductory course of our TEFL teacher-training programs. Be yourself, I said. We won't try to force you into an 'ideal' personality type ideal for teaching. Each type has its own sets of strengths and challenges. There is one niggling detail that still bothers me though. The subjects taught by the two differently-styled teachers in the article are also quite different: Literacy and Numeracy. Is there a teaching 'style' better suited to each of these content areas? Can you guess which teacher-style taught Literacy?

The link to Renshaw's article is here below: