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The Mystery About the Wine-Tasting Thief...

John Lee approached Ala Bester and said, "I have reason to believe you are the man responsible for the holdup at the 'Blue Marble Café' two hours ago. You fit the description given by several key witnesses. They described a man who had been drinking heavily before robbing several customers and fleeing the scene." "Of course I'm drunk. I happen to be professional wine taster and I've been plying my trade for the last five hours." John studied Ala Bester and questioned "What time is it now?" Ala Bester replied "It happens to be 7:30 p.m." John continued, "Tell me then, approximately what time did you start working?" Ala Bester looked at his watch and replied, "2:30 p.m." "You're obviously lying," accused John. Why?