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The Mystery About the Power Shortage...

There was a loud crack of thunder and the power went off. Gimble started to look for a candle when he heard a knock on his door. "Come quickly!" cried Gimble. "My Uncle Sork has been shot!" Tohrm grabbed a flashlight and ran to the nearby house of Sork. When Tohrm shone the light on Sork's face he knew he was dead. Gimble explained that he and his uncle were watching TV, when suddenly, the window smashed in and Sork fell forward dead. "At that moment there was a crash of thunder and the power went out. That's when I ran and got you." Just then the power returned and the two reading lights came on. Gimble and Tohrm sat in total silence for a full two minutes, unable to believe the gruesome scene before them. Tohrm finally turned to Gimble and said, "Your story is an obvious lie." Why would Tohrm doubt Gimble story?