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The Power of the Audible Word

There are things that have been available in familiar forms and used for a time. Then these ways become dated and cumbersome and sadly forgotten.

I remember daily braving my long teaching commutes tolerating the sounds of my car radio. Since I was on the road for an average of 1.5 to 2 hours per day, the news would start to repeat itself. Music-either chosen by the network stations or from tapes and CDs of my own choice assuaged my heart only up to a certain point. It was at that point I discovered audiobooks. It was soon after where I discovered I could force my commute to productive uses.

2 years ago I received a gift unlooked for: a 30 gig iPod.

So, in this post, my first and real intent, was to give you some pointers on how to use your iPod as an audiobook player.

First, you need to reconfigure your iTunes application.

This link is where you need to go first.

After you scroll down and follow the guidelines on the link above, go to this next link and make sure you follow it's protocol.

Basically, if you don't when you import your audiobooks from your CDs, they will be all jumbled up and you won't know which track is first and it's a thing you will not want to have on your machine.

I am enjoying The Simarillion (Unabridged) right now to brush up on my Elvish this holiday season.

Thanks to Michael Alderete’s Weblog for this great protocol.