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Lesson No.7 "One Out One Hundred Things"

This is a presentation assignment.

1. Look through the book entitled ‘The Expert’s Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do’ by Samantha Ettus.
2. Pick one thing you would like to know more about.
3. Read and understand the article.
4. Prepare a short 3-minute minimum 3-minute maximum speech.
5. Record your speech in one take. Now this is important, don’t worry about mistakes. Making mistakes is part of a natural conversation. Do not memorize your presentation. Do not read your presentation word-for-word from a script you wrote. You may read from your notes, or an outline you made but the total amount of writing is limited to one side of a business card.
6. Record this presentation in an .MP3 format.
7. Send this file as an email attachment to:
8. You will also need to submit your business card sized note to me as well.