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A List of Teacher's Dilemmas

This list is adapted from Johnston 2003, Values in English Language Teaching by K. Purgason.

1. How do I balance the need to focus on language per se while also including meaningful content?
2. How do I balance an emphasis on communication with an emphasis on accurate form?
3. How do I help my students learn accepted ways of writing and speaking while affirming their own voice and ways of expressing themselves?
4. How do I balance my students’ rights to be silent, not perform, not participate, not work, or not follow my “rules” with my views of what is good for them?
5. How do I evaluate my students given the fact that evaluation is necessary but that completely fair and objective evaluation is impossible?
6. How do I balance what I do for the students and what I ask them to do for themselves?
7. How do I balance the need to maintain authority and respect with the need to establish personal connections with students?
8. How do I balance my role as an individual with my role as a representative of the institution where I work?
9. How do I manage differences between values I hold and those held by my students?